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Planning a romantic getaway? Then the "mini' version of our best selling Pouring Passion candle is the perfect item to bring along on your trip. Yields approximately 8-10 full body-massages. 


RAIN - Relieves Stress and Anxiety.    Scent: A Tropical Blend    Ribbon: Green

OCEAN - Relieves Stress and Anxiety.  Scent: Ocean, Fresh, Clean     Ribbon: Blue

SEDUCTION - Natural Pheromones (good for both Men & Women)  Scent:A Tropical Blend     Ribbon: Red

EARTH - The feeling as if you are on a beach vacation     Scent: A Coconut, Vanilla blend.    Ribbon: Black

DREAM SICKLE - A favorite summertime treat. Scent - Deliciousness comprised of vanilla ice cream or ice milk coated in orange sherbet. Ribbon: White

UNSCENTED - Clean & Fresh.    Ribbon: White

3oz Weekend Passion Massage Oil Candle - DREAM SICKLE

$32.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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