About Us

Denise in Business JournalOwner – Denise Harris grew up on her family’s soybean farm in Ohio, the youngest of 13 children. Here she learned not only the discipline of hard work, but also the benefits of soy oil. The story goes that as a little girl, Denise would ride in the back of the combine as her father harvested the beans. Playful and curious, she would squeeze the oil out of the soy and rub it over her hands noticing how her skin smelled good and felt soft for days after.

Denise’s first career took her all around the world as a travel planner of sales and incentive meetings for Fortune 100 companies. Here she visited many top hotels and resorts and fell in love with their luxury spa experience. The rejuvenating effects of a little pampering combined with some self-care tips she could perform herself stuck with Denise as a life lesson.

What if there was a way to provide luxury spa experiences at home? What if she could bottle that up and make it available to an audience who may not have the opportunity or time to visit a world-class spa? Thanks to fate, Denise would end with that very chance and it presented itself in the most unlikely of ways.

After the economic downturn post-9/11, corporate travel budgets were cut dramatically and the worsening economy hit Denise hard. Scrounging up her last $100, she purchased a candle-making kit from a catalog and proceeded to burn down her kitchen. Crestfallen and ready to give up she remembered back to her days on the farm and tried soy instead of wax. The rest is history.

Through this courageous act of faith and the support of her friends and family, Denise developed a top-producing direct sales force impacting the lives of thousands. Denise’s ability to do what it takes to reach success can be attributed to her direct, straight-to-the-point manner. She sets herself apart from other entrepreneurs by combining raw motivation style and pure passion.

Denise is passionately dedicated to the Lord, faith, her three children kids, and loving friends.

Pouring_Passion_Body_CandleProduct – Using only organic ingredients, Heaven Essence soy candles contain no paraffin or artificial wax – even the wicks are 100% cotton.  There may be other soy-based candles on the market, but none will burn as clean nor be as safe on the environment as Heaven Essence.

And the candle part is just the beginning!  Because soy burns at a lower temperature than synthetic wax, it’s cool to the touch within seconds of blowing out the wick. Just pour a little bit of Heaven Essence into your hands and massage onto your skin for a relaxing, spa-like experience.


katrina2Causes – Heaven Essence is a socially-responsible company and believes strongly in giving back to the community.

Hurricane Katrina – In partnership with the local YMCA, we arranged a station in the parking lot for drop offs and announced it on the local news stations. With the help of a local fire department, church, and help some great friends, we loaded 2 semis that transported the collections to needy families in Louisiana.



St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Once a year, Heaven Essence hosts a Mommy & Me Spa Day where consultants from around the country donate their time to pamper patients and parents at the hospital in Cincinnati, OH. Heaven Essence donates product received throughout the year from guests and hostesses “round up and give” events so that children and their parents take home all the spa products collected.