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Now You've probably read or heard about the benefits of soy: low in calories/high in protein in such food products as tofu, tempeh and soy milk. What you may not be aware of are the additional benefits of soybean oil in skin care. A San Francisco study noted in Dermatology Times found that soybean oil provided natural antioxidant and moisture-loss protection as well as enhancing smoothness and refining the texture of skin in as early as two weeks! Pretty cool news, isn't? But wait, it gets even better... the study also noted that 95% of the participants in the study felt the soy-containing product produced a noticeable reduction in the appearance of hair as well as making leg hair less stubbly and easier to shave. But wait, it still gets better still! New research at UC-Berkeley found that mice that had soy protein lunasin applied to their skin had significantly lower rates of skin cancer than those without the lunasin treatment. Just think, all these benefits and potential benefits from the humble little soybean!

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There are candles, there are soy candles, and then there are Pouring Passion massage oil candles by Heaven Essence. Why do we feel our massage oil candles are the best? Keep reading.....

Regular candles and most soy candles are made with paraffin (a type of wax). As a result, their candles need a higher temperature with which to melt, which requires a different type of wick, which results in the "black smoke" residue that can accumulate on your walls and ceilings over time. Not to mention the not-so-pleasant aroma left behind when you extinguish the flame. Our Pouring Passion massage oil candles are made with pure natural soy extracted straight from soy beans and fragrance oils. NO WAX, NO PARAFFIN! Our massage oil candles melt just below body temperature - no metal/tin is needed in the wick to pump up the heat. 

Using only organic ingredients, Heaven Essence soy candles contain no paraffin or artificial wax - even the wicks are 100% cotton. There may be other soy-based candles on the market, but none will burn as clean nor be as safe on the environment as Heaven Essence. 

The candle part is just the beginning! 

Because soy burns at a lower temperature than synthetic wax, it's cool to the touch within seconds of blowing out the wick. Just pour a little bit of HeavenEssence into your hands and massage onto your skin for a relaxing, spa-like experience.

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