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You will love our body massage lotion bars. Use the lotion bar to write on your skin or massage into your skin. Let the heat of you body melt them and the natural soy and oils soften dry cracked areas. Natural soy and oils

Our signaure candles the Pouring Passion comes in this beautiful gravy boat contationer. Our carefully blended ingredients and aromas fill your entire being with scents so refreshing, you'll feel as though you've had the full spa experience. With two wicks and made with 100% all natural soy and oils. The perfect gift. Yields approximately 25-30 full body massages.


Each Bag Contains 12oz of Lotion Bars 


RAIN - Relieves Stress and Anxiety.    Scent: A Tropical Blend    Ribbon: Green

OCEAN - Relieves Stress and Anxiety.  Scent: Ocean, Fresh, Clean     Ribbon: Blue

SEDUCTION - Natural Pheromones (good for both Men & Women)  Scent:A Tropical Blend  Ribbon: Red

EARTH - The feeling as if you are on a beach vacation     Scent: A Coconut, Vanilla blend.    Ribbon: Black


Each Bag is 12oz

Mini Lotion Body Bars – 4 Pack

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